1. Broadway Recreation Complex

    recreational facilities, sports complexes, sports fields

  2. Youth Soccer at Broadway

    Jeremiah Salzman

  3. Entrance to the ball fields at Broadway

    Jeremiah Salzman

  4. Casey Tucker Memorial

    Jeremiah Salzman

  5. Winfield Recreation Commission

    classes, fitness, recreation

  6. Aerial of Winfield Rec Center

    Jeremiah Salzman

  7. Winfield Fitness Center

    cardio, fitness centers, weights

  8. Fitness Center cardio and mats

    Jeremiah Salzman

  9. Fitness Center free weights

    Jeremiah Salzman

  10. Winfield Recreation Center

    gyms, rec centers, sports fields

  11. Richard L. Jantz Stadium

    sports complexes, stadiums, track and field

  12. SC Women's Soccer at Jantz

    Andrea Nuss

  13. Friday night football at Jantz

    Jeremiah Salzman

  14. Quail Ridge Golf Course

    driving ranges, golf rentals, public golf courses

  15. Hole #15 panorama at Quail Ridge

    Jeremiah Salzman

  16. Driving range at Quail Ridge Golf Course

    Jeremiah Salzman

  17. Timber Creek Nature Center

    nature trails, walking trails

  18. Island Park Trail

    gravel trails, nature trails, walking paths

  19. Island Park Trail

    Jeremiah Salzman

  20. Winfield Aquatic Center

    city pools, recreation, swimming pools

  21. Winfield Swim Meet

    Jeremiah Salzman

  22. White Physical Education Building

    classrooms, swimming pools

    • 260-221-2160
    • 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  23. T.H. Vaughan Tennis Center

    courts, outdoor courts, tennis courts

    • 620-221-2160
  24. Vaughan Tennis Center courts

    Jeremiah Salzman

  25. Pecan Grove Disc Golf Course

    disc golf courses, groves, recreation

  26. Disc golf basket close up

    Jeremiah Salzman

  27. Cherry Street Disc Golf Course

    disc golf courses

  28. Black Creek Park

    baseball fields, skate parks, sports fields

  29. Winfield City Lake

    boating, camping, lakes

    • 620-221-5635
    • 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  30. Winfield Fairgrounds

    camping, event facilities, parks

    • 620-221-5525