1. Winfield Street Views

    Great photos of local streets

    21 images

  2. Vistas

    In case you missed the view

    24 images

  3. Caton Homes

    The legacy of local architect Bill Caton

    14 items

  4. Bird’s-Eye View

    From an elevated perspective.

    16 images

  5. Stone Structures

    Stone buildings and structures

    22 images

  6. Main Street. Through the Years.

    The center of trade from the very beginning.

    14 images

  7. Historical Landmarks

    Local landmarks that have stood the test of time.

    38 items

  8. Strother Field: Photos during WWII

    Historical Photos of Strother Army Air Field

    25 images

  9. Local Artifacts

    Murals, art, memorials and sculptures around town

    33 items

  10. Macro Photography

    Close-ups and big little things

    24 images