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  2. Fitness Buzz - Developing your core muscles

    Core muscles refer to your abdominal muscles, although it takes more than developing your ab muscles to build it up. The muscles in your back, hips and pelvis must also be exercised if you want to de...

  3. What are friends for? Healthy eating habits

    Aritha Paris

    Friends can help or hurt your healthy eating habits. Sure, they can be fervent encouragers, but believe it or not, some can act as big obstacles while on your journey to achieving your health goals....

  4. Flight Training: Strother Field during WWII.

    Amanda Salzman

    In April 1942, the world was in the midst of war. It had been one year, plus four months, since Pearl Harbor shook the United States, drawing the country into the international conflict rocking Europ...

  5. 1901 Souvenir Edition of The Winfield Courier

    History of Cowley County prior to January 1901

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  6. 100 Years of the WPL

    A century of community service at the Winfield Public Library

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  7. South Kansas Symphony

    Amanda Salzman

    The South Kansas Symphony is a non-profit musical organization funded by Southwestern College and generous corporate and individual community sponsors. The group is composed of talented musicians fro...

  8. Winter in Winfield

    Amanda Salzman

    You’ll know it’s that time of year again when frost crystallizes the grass, making it crunch underfoot or when the trees are left leafless, their skeleton like branches bare against the b...

  9. Winfield’s Island

    Located at the northernmost end of Winfield’s Main Street, Island Park is one the most beautiful parks in the area. At roughly 19 acres of land and surrounded by water, this park has plenty of...