1. Carnegie Library 1913 Program

  2. Winfield Public Library - A Century of Service

    Joan Cales

    The establishment of public libraries in America was driven by the philanthropic effort of business magnate Andrew Carnegie. The son of immigrants, at the age of thirteen Carnegie worked in a button...

  3. Directors of the Carnegie Library

  4. The Establishment and Early Years of WPL

    Joan Cales

    Although many were afraid that Carnegie would not offer his assistance again, the offer remained. In 1911, the proposition for a free public library came to the ballot again. The idea was not without...

  5. Carnegie Library Building

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  6. Childrens Library 1928

  7. Building the Library from the ground up

    Joan Cales

    From the Start to the Stacks The library committee began collecting books for the library beginning with the library’s first donation of $122.60 raised by a benefit concert given by Prof. Gord...

  8. 1928 Children's Room at Carnegie Library

  9. Rapid Growth and Development

    Joan Cales

    The year of 1916 seemed to be a fortunate one for the library for on January 5 the city of Winfield received from Governor W.R. Stubbs a gift of $1,000 for being “The best city in the state in...

  10. Winfield Carnegie Library lobby

  11. Book isles at the Carnegie Library

  12. 25th Anniversary of the WPL

    Joan Cales

    The year 1935 was a busy and fruitful one. In May the Board approved plans of the City Commission to renovate the library building. In October the library staff was busy with the display at the Count...

  13. Old in the stacks

  14. Library Checkout

  15. Expanding Community Library Services

    Joan Cales

    Following the dismissal of Bliss, Dorothy Bratton, who had been employed in the library since 1928 became the acting librarian. A new outreach service in partnership with the hospital provided libra...

  16. Carnegie Library lobby circa 1962

  17. First wave of modernization

    Joan Cales

    It became apparent that the lighting of the building was greatly in need of replacement, and work was commenced to change to modern fixtures. The city light department installed the lights and the li...

  18. Carnegie Library Building

    Jeremiah Salzman

  19. Expanding library stakeholders and volunteer development

    Joan Cales

    During the spring of 1963, a group of Future Homemakers of the high school volunteered to give service hours to the library. They sponsored a Children’s Story Hour for six weeks for tiny Winfie...

  20. Story Time at Carnegie Library circa 1962

  21. Boy at Carnegie Library Circa 1962

  22. WPL moves to St. Johns

    Joan Cales

    After decades of dealing with an outdated, too small building, the Library Board decided that more space was needed. They considered purchasing the property surrounding the old Carnegie building to a...

  23. Winfield Public Library

    Jeremiah Salzman

  24. 1960s St Johns Library

  25. WPL lobby 2013

    Jeremiah Salzman

  26. WPL enters the digital age

    Joan Cales

    The State Library of Kansas set aside monies to pay for telecommunications costs for libraries to use the newly formed Internet. Special Services Librarian Joan Cales was assigned the job of explorin...

  27. Winfield Public Library

    Jeremiah Salzman

  28. WPL enters the new millennium

    Joan Cales

    In 2000, the Children’s Department was remodeled, and a window was added in the story time area. A mural, “Imaginary Tales” was designed and painted by local artist Maggie Bicker. The...

  29. Kids area at WPL

  30. Children's books at the WPL