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To send images or articles please email Find it! Winfield.

If you have articles, creative works, or images that highlight local subjects and you’d like to share with the rest of Winfield, we would love to publish them on our site. We’re looking to showcase the creative talent and educational knowledge from local people just like you. Any content that is accepted and published to the site will have your name as the Author and or your business as the Provider with a link to your listing. You are free to link and share to it as well. See the requirements for contributing a photo or creative work below.

Photographs are good for timely events and to showcase people and places (i.e. ribbon cuttings, chamber coffees, parades, businesses, parks, products, monuments, art, displays, architecture, history.) Articles provide support to listings and photographs over local topics, achievements, history, features, events, people, places, and things. Places listings bring this all together and provide an overall description, short history, link to related images and articles, and contact information. Keep this in mind when deciding which type of content to send or update. When there is enough of each of those types (listings, articles, and images) of a certain local subject, a Collection will be made to promote them all together.


If you have a local image that displays, at it’s best or a historical take on, a local place, business, organization, or event, then consider sending it to us by email at info@finditwinfield.com - Images must meet the minimum requirements to be considered:

  • First search the image database and make sure your not sending an exact match to an image that is already published. We do want pictures of the same place during a different season, change of lighting, or special occasion. Categories of local images include; architecture, art, events, food, history, landscapes, nature, objects, people, places, sports, and travel.
  • Save as a high quality JPEG under 8MB in file size. Please enhance photos prior to submitting. Even though we will probably have it, we will not be responsible for keeping an original copy of the image that you send us.
  • Provide the following in the email: Author (you), Title (short title of what the picture is about), description (full description of the image/event/place), and geo location (if applicable, get from Google Maps).
  • The Contributor (you) must be the author or working for the author of the piece. All images contributed to the site are stamped with the Author and or Providers name and copyright provided to the same.
  • Not all contributions will be accepted and published to the site. Once an image is published it will not be removed from the site unless it violates our terms of service. At this time we are not able to inform each contributor if and when their image has been published. A simple search of the image Title will display if it has been accepted.
  • All content contributed to the site is bound by the Terms of Service.


Articles on Find it! are used to promote all aspects of Winfield and are available as a resource for local knowledge, entertainment, and guidance. Articles are NOT: breaking news stories, advertisements, business plugs, a place to rant and rave, or the juicy tabloids. You may ask “what is left then?” Find it! Articles are about remembering where we came from, highlighting where we are now, teaching others about certain topics, and collecting knowledge for the future before it is lost. We are looking for feature stories covering a wide range of topics of local origin and from people that are passionate about the subjects in which the are writing. We also accept other creative works such as short stories, poetry, transcribed material, and music. See the requirements below for submitting an article.

  • Save article as a Plain Text file, Rich Text file or Word Doc and attach it in an email to us.
  • Provide in list form in the email: Author, Title, brief description of the article, what it is about (place, event, person), when it was written, and which genre it fits in.
  • Provide any internal or external links or sources necessary to the article.
  • Attach an appropriate image (following the photograph requirements) or let us know if there is an image already on the site that best fits the article. An article does not have to have an image associated with it.

We’re looking for topics such as: educational expertise (i.e. how to, tips to consider, facts, introductory explanations, local artifacts/history, business knowledge, local economics, health and wellness, importance of, local flora and fauna, organization’s history and achievements).


We would love to have professionals write featured articles. One thing: please do not insert any product placement or advertisements (i.e. tell us about the type of wine to pair with a steak dinner, not your brand of wine). Helpful/guidance articles will show knowledge in your subject and in turn will promote your brand. We will help with that also by promoting you as the author and providing a link to your business’ listing where the reader can find your brand and information about your products and services.


We would love to hear from you too. A few things to consider, please use this to educate about the work that your doing as a feature. Articles are not to tell about the next meeting date, christmas party, or Chili Feed. A photograph of those would support the listing more. Articles tell about the past few years, the future of the organization, or a milestone that was achieved. Remember that your listing can be updated to provide current information and images can support that. We will promote local organizations, community groups, and non profits through Collections once there is enough content (listings, articles, and images) to provide a historical/informational overview.

To send images or articles please email Find it! Winfield.

All content contributed to the site is bound by the Terms of Service.