1. Explore Winfield

    A visual guide to travel and tourism in Winfield

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  2. Things to do

    Winfield has something for everyone!

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  3. Strother Field: Photos during WWII

    Historical Photos of Strother Army Air Field

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  4. BT-13s at Strother Field

  5. B-26 Maurauder at SAAF

  6. Caton Homes

    The legacy of local architect Bill Caton

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  7. 1929 Caton - 1503 E 10th - Cotswold

    Jeremiah Salzman

  8. Local Images

    Collections of all sorts

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  9. Bird’s-Eye View

    From an elevated perspective.

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  10. Local Artifacts

    Murals, art, memorials and sculptures around town

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  11. Viking ship mosaic at WMS Harbor

    Jeremiah Salzman

  12. Southwestern College

    Founded in 1885 and Home of the Moundbuilders

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